The Township of Mapleton wishes to make the community safe, healthy and enjoyable place for all residents and those who visit the community. The Township has put in place various By-laws and regulations to encourage residents and businesses to be responsible and respectful of their neighbours and to contribute to the health and safety of our community. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers work with residents and businesses to ensure they are meeting the requirements of a variety of by-laws.

For a list of frequently requested by-laws, please visit our Commonly Requested By-Laws page.

By-Law Enforcement

Municipal By-laws are approved by Council and enforced by the Township of Mapleton's By-law Enforcement Officer(s). The By-Law Enforcement Officer investigates concerns such as property standards issues, pool enclosures, zoning infractions and other matters concerning the Township of Mapleton's By-Laws. The By-law Officer requires a written complaint with contact information for follow-up or, depending on the nature of the offence, to provide evidence and/or to appear as a witness in any court proceeding pertaining to the complaint made. If you would like to make an official inquiry or complaint, please complete an Inquiry/Complaint Form.

For any questions or concerns about Parking, Recreational Vehicles or Snowmobiles please contact the OPP at 888-310-1122.