Getting Around

The Township of Mapleton is located 45 minutes north of Guelph. Whether you're walking, driving, or cycling around the Township, our staff are here to guide you along your way. We can help you find maps of our community, a list of our parks, trails and conservation areas and information about our many shopping, dining and accommodation services available in town.


On October 1, 2019, Wellington County launched a county wide, demand based, public transit service available to all residents and visitors. This five-year pilot is funded by the Government of Ontario and offers a safe, affordable option for people to move throughout the County.

RIDE WELL™ is a public transit service that uses a rideshare model of operation. The County has partnered with a technology company (RideCo) to provide on-demand shared rides. RideCo's software optimizes the rides such that as many people with as few vehicles possible are getting to their destinations in a reliable way. It provides an alternative option to owning and using a personal vehicle in a rural setting and for those who cannot access vehicles for regular needs.