Integrity Commissioner

The Township of Mapleton has established a Council Code of Conduct (the "Code") according to the Municipal Act (the "Act"). This Code outlines ethical standards of behaviour for Members of Council. The Act also provides that a municipality may appoint an Integrity Commissioner who, among other duties, may investigate potential breaches of the Code and recommend penalties to Council where he or she has found the Member of Council to have contravened the Code.

In addition to this Code of Conduct, there are other statutes that govern the behaviour of Councilors. Council has the overall responsibility to govern the affairs of the Township of Mapleton. This includes planning, making major operating decisions and setting policies and procedures. Council sets the framework within which the Chief Administrative Officer, department heads and staff handle the daily operations of the municipality. Councillors are expected to control their own behaviour within the standards set out in detail in this Code.

Council Code of Conduct Complaint forms are required for formal complaints.

For more information, please contact the Township Clerk at 519-638-3313 ext. 045.