Animal Services

The Township of Mapleton is a safe and caring environment for animals and people alike. Whether you are purchasing a dog license, reporting a wildlife concern or raising livestock and poultry, the Township is here to support you.

Animal Control

To report a dog running at large please contact R&R Animal Control at 519-509-9985

To report a dangerous dog or dog bite please call the OPP 519-323-3130.

To report animal abuse or humane issues contact PAWS at 1-833-926-4625 



The Township of Mapleton's animal services are regulated under the Dog By-law. For more information, please contact the Township of Mapleton office at 519-638-3313

Dog Licensing

The Township of Mapleton's  requires every dog owner to register his or her dog and obtain an annual license.  Dog tags identify your pet and ensure they get home safely if they are lost. If your dog is picked up by the Township's Canine Services and it does not have a dog tag, you may incur additional fees and charges. 

Dog tags can be purchased online by registering online and clicking dog licences in the top menu. 

They can be also be submitted to the Township office. For more information, please contact the Township of Mapleton office at 519-638-3313

Kennel Licensing

The Township of Mapleton regulates and licenses dog kennels within the township. For more information on Kennel Licence Applications, please contact the Township offices at 519-638-3313 or to submit an application email 

Lost and Found

For animals that have been lost or found, please contact R&R Animal Control at 519-509-9985.

Livestock Claims

In 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. Through this program, livestock producers are able to receive compensation when their livestock or poultry are injured or killed by predatory wildlife. For more information, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website.

Nutrient Management Plans

For further information concerning Nutrient Management Plans, please visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website or contact the Township offices for additional information.


For Information about rabies in wildlife, how it's controlled and what to do if you think an animal has rabies, please call the Ministry of Natural Resources' rabies hotline at 1-888-574-6656.