Council Remuneration

The Municipal Act delegates the Township of Mapleton the authority to set its remuneration for Council.

Council established the remuneration for its members in 2021 at:

  • Mayor             $ 24,162
  • Councillors     $ 16,837

The remuneration is adjusted annually to coincide with the cost of living increase approved by Council each year for all municipal employees. Council may review and make changes to the remuneration during the yearly budgeting process.

By March 31st of each year the Treasurer is required to file with Council a statement of total remuneration and expenses paid in the previous year.

Council has established a policy that governs what expenses are eligible to be claimed by members of Council. A budget is approved each year for Council as a whole to attend conferences, municipal meetings and training sessions related to their role as members of Council along with associated costs for transportation, accommodation, meals and hospitality (limited to meals). Receipts must be provided for reimbursement of expenses.

Council's Statements of Remuneration