Development Charges

The general purpose of Development Charges By-law 2020-026 as amended, is to recover the capital costs associated with residential and non-residential growth within the Township of Mapleton. The Municipality is empowered to impose these charges via the Development Charges Act

NOTICE May 10, 2024 : The updated 2024 Development Charges Background Study is now available for public view.

Schedule of Development Charges for Township-wide and Urban Serviced Areas

A list of the municipal services for which development charges are imposed and the amount of the charge by development type is as follows: 


County of Wellington and Upper Grand District School Board Development Charges may also be applicable. 

Treasurers Statements :








Indexing: Development Charges imposed pursuant to the by-law shall be adjusted annually, without amendment to said by-law, on the first day of January in accordance with the prescribed index in the Act.