Conservation Areas

The Township of Mapleton is serviced by the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) and the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority. 

Grand River Conservation Authority

The GRCA manages water and other natural resources on behalf of 39 municipalities and close to one million residents of the Grand River watershed. The GRCA's conservation areas are lands that are set aside for uses such as hiking, bird watching, photography and similar activities. In many cases, these important natural areas offer habitat to a wide range of bird, plant and animal species. These areas have no entrance fee and there are no staff members on site. Services are limited and may include a parking lot, garbage containers and information signs. For more information, please visit the the GRCA website.

Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

The Maitland Conservation Authority manages 28 Conservation Areas encompassing 4,600 acres including wetlands, floodplains and river valley areas. These areas range from urban day-use parks to provincially significant environmental sites. Their area of jurisdiction covers the watershed, or drainage area, of the Maitland, Nine Mile and Eighteen Mile Rivers, along with smaller watersheds on the Lake Huron shoreline. For more information, please visit the the Maitland Conservation Authority website.