Mapleton Council passes 2021 budget with reduction in municipal tax burden


At the January 4, 2021 council meeting, the Township of Mapleton council approved the 2021 budget with a zero percent increase in the tax levy, which results in a reduction of the tax rates. This zero percent increase will equate to a $10.33 reduction in the tax burden per $100,000 of assessment in 2021 for the township portion of the local tax bills.
Included in the 2021 budget are many exciting projects for the Township of Mapleton and we are looking forward to what the year will bring. Some of the highlights include:
- The Drayton Water Tower that will be operational by 2022
- Upgrading the water well supply capacity
- Upgrading the wastewater pumping station
- Many road construction projects
This budget furthers the Township’s long term finance plans by way of promoting modest growth that will, over time, ensure and moderate the tax burden downwards and still provide for the sustainability of the Township’s roads, bridges, and other assets.
If you have any questions regarding the Township of Mapleton 2021 budget please call the Township of Mapleton office at 519-638-3313.