Fire Chief Lifts bans on fires above 2 meters x 2 meters


On January 13, 2021 In the interest of our community and first responders, Fire Chief Rick Richardson implemented a burn ban for any fires larger than 2m x 2m. As of Monday, January 25th 2021 this ban will be lifted.
The Mapleton Fire Department has worked hard to create a process to ensure the upmost safety of our firefighters through the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the safety of our firefighters during the second lockdown the Mapleton Fire Department has implemented further measures to ensure firefighters safety, including if they are called to burn notification sites.
We understand this temporary burn ban was an inconvenience for some and we appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.
Open-Air Burn Notifications are required for any fire over 2 meters x 2 meters. Without a Burn Notification the Fire Department reserves the right to charge property owners at the current MTO rate if called out to their burn. Notifications must be submitted before 4pm the day before burning, and an approval email or call must be received before you begin to burn. This means Tuesday January 26th, 2021 is the first day that open-air burning will be permitted within the Township of Mapleton, if an approval has been granted.
To fill out a Burn Notification go to
Please ensure you are following all safety precautions when burning any size fire and are following By-law 2015-067 at all times. For more information regarding burning within the Township of Mapleton and to read By-law 2015-067 please see or call the Township office at 519-638-3313