Drayton Rotary Pays back $80,000 in first year of 5-year commitment for Drayton Rotary Park


In October 2021, the Drayton Rotary Club came before the Township of
Mapleton Council with a Joint Proposal to create a new park in Drayton at the end of
Drayton Queen St. This Joint Proposal involved the Township of Mapleton financing the
project up front and the Drayton Rotary Club paying the Township back over 5 years.
This project was well received by council and Drayton Rotary got to work on fundraising
for the new park. On July 16th, 2022, the Rotary club of Drayton was excited to officially
open the new Drayton Rotary Park in conjunction with 75th anniversary celebrations.
The Township of Mapleton and the Rotary Club of Drayton are excited to announce that
through amazing community support, Drayton Rotary has raised and paid off $80,000 of
the Drayton Rotary Park Project, with the remaining $20,000 coming over the next four
years with the long 5-year commitment from a local business.
We would like to extend our deepest thanks to our amazing community businesses who
came together to support the Drayton Rotary in creating a beautiful new park.
The Drayton Rotary Club is excited to move into their next round of fundraising for the
park to include a lookout, sunshades, signage, and other park necessities. If you would
like to support the Drayton Rotary Park and their continuous fundraising efforts reach
out to Drayton Rotary President Bob Bignell at draytonrotaryclub@gmail.com or 519-
For Further information Contact:
Manny Baron, CAO
519-638-3313 X 024