Ladies Soccer

Sunday’s at 8pm, June 4th – September 24th

Riverside Park, 57 Wellington St N 

$20 for the season 



  1. Number of players on the field will be 11, including a goalie, on each side. 
  2. If there’s not enough payers to play a full field game, games can be played on the smaller field with 7 players on each side, including a goalie. 
  3. Games will be played with a size 5 soccer ball.
  4. Games will have 2 halves of 30 mins each. There will be a 15-minute warmup at time allowed prior to the start of the game and a quick 5-minute half time break during the game. 
  5. FIFA rules apply.
  6. All ladies must be over the age of 18 to play. 
  7. HAVE FUN! 



Payment can be made on the first night (June 4). Please bring $20.00 cash to the field. If you need to make other arrangements, please email

Any questions can be sent to