Building Permits

Do I need a building permit?

A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction or demolition. The Township of Mapleton Building Department must approve plans for any new structure, addition, or renovation before the work begins.

Building permits are necessary to ensure that zoning requirements, fire safety standards and, structural safety standards are met as required by the Ontario Building Code. The Building Department promotes and assists with building development in keeping with Federal, Provincial, County and all other applicable law to ensure safe structures for our residents, businesses and visitors.

A permit may be required for:

  • the construction, renovation, extension and/or demolition of a building
  • the change in use of a building
  • the installation, alteration, extension, and/or repair of an on-site sewage system

If you would like to apply for a building permit, please complete an Application to construct or demolish.

Please be advised that there will be fees and charges applicable to all applications for details view the Fees & Charges.