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Mapleton Youth Action Council (MYAC)

See our new MYAC logo here: images/Pdfs/EcDev/MYAC_web.png

Are you tired of the limited youth options in Mapleton? Do you want to have your voice heard? Do you want to be involved in the choices that impact youth in Mapleton? Are you interested in helping your community? Do you want to work with adults who value your input? Do you want to build skills and networks for your future?

MYAC Terms of Reference here

When does MYAC meet?

The Mapleton Youth Action Council (MYAC) with youth ages 13 to 24 meets every first and third Tuesday of the month. We meet from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., at Studio Factor on Wood Street in Drayton.

Why should I join MYAC?

By being a part of a youth council, you have the ability to plan and create things that youth want, help your community, represent your peers, meet new people, have fun, earn volunteer hours and learn new skills!

MYAC Vision:

To establish a positive youth presence in Mapleton, that shapes the growth and future of our community through meaningful, youth participation!

MYAC Mandate:

• Provide youth with leadership opportunities that encourage personal growth
• Recognize and support the diversity of our community
• Advise Mapleton Council and staff of our opinions to promote positive change (you do this by being a Committee of Mapleton Council)
• Coordinate special events for local youth
• Advocate for youth issues by forging partnerships with community organizations

What does MYAC do?

Together, MYAC will work on different ideas and projects that will help make Mapleton more youth-friendly! That could include:

•Running new events

•Planning awesome projects

•Spreading the word about youth events

•Advising local companies and Council, to ensure a youth perspective is kept in mind

•Working with existing community groups

•Speaking at events and meetings to make youth voices heard

•Help support other services in our community

What is "Youth of the Month"?

Mapleton Youth Action Council (MYAC) is accepting nominations to recognize youth who are making a difference in their local communities through acts of kindness and leadership. Young people who do simple acts of kindness and take on modest leadership positions in building their community often go unnoticed and unrecognized.
This is why 1 young person (13-24) will be selected each month as a “Youth of the Month”! This new award recognizes young people in order to establish a positive youth presence in Mapleton that shapes the growth and future of our community through meaningful, youth participation!
How do I join?

Just drop by the next meeting, or contact Laura for more information! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.