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Building Department


Do I need a Building Permit?

A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction or demolition. The Township of Mapleton Building Department must approve plans for any new structure, addition, or renovation.

Building permits are necessary to ensure that zoning requirements, fire and structural safety standards are met as required by the Ontario Building Code. The building department promotes and assists with building development in keeping with Federal, Provincial, County and all other applicable law to ensure safe structures for our residents, businesses and visitors. 

When is a permit required?

A permit may be required for:

  • the construction, renovation or demolition of a building
  • to change the use of a building
  • the installation, alteration, extension, or repair of on-site sewage system


The Township is governed by a comprehensive zoning by-law which sets out the permitted uses on a property. All new buildings or additions must comply with the zoning by-law and the County of Wellington Official Plan.

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2010-080 (As Amended)


Planning Your Project

Requirements for Single Family Dwelling Addition

Requirements for Residential Accessory Structures

Requirements for Barn, Barn Addition or Manure Storage

Requirements for Vertical Silos, Bunker Silos and Storage Buildings

Requirements for Pools

Requirements for Solar Panels

Requirements for Temporary Tent

Requirements for Decks

Requirements for Grain Bins

Apply for Your Permit

Permit Application

Septic Permit Application

Farm Data Sheet

Nutrient Management Strategy (NMS)

Commitment to Review

Permit Fees

Permit Schedule - NEW 

Wellington County Development Charges Pamphlet

Education Development Charges Pamphlet

Other Forms (Sewer, Water and Entrance Permits)

Entrance/ Culvert & Road Crossing Permit Application

Lot Grading - Requisition Form - Township Engineers

Request for Lot Grading/Entrance Permit Deposit Refund

Wood Stove Installation Requirements